Why wouldn’t you release your friends record when it’s really fucking good?

I guess worrying about capital, or bias blurring your reverence... I’m sure you could list more if it was necessary.

People write all kinds of lists. You can list your groceries on some paper and call it a shopping list. You can list your friends on a website and call it a record label.  Same/same we are all shopaholics. People in the music industry like to say, “shopping around”.  “We are still shopping around”. Shopping around should be only used in conjunction with buying dogs or cars though maybe?

I guess that’s what we’re trying to do really, with the label and all. We don’t want our friends to have to sound like dickheads. Maybe that can be our mission statement.  Pop it on a card Smoocho. Look at the end of the day its all very confusing.

It’s good to keep in mind we are the lucky boys, who know why the music we are releasing is worth preserving, and why its story is worth telling. Telling and selling. It’s the big time baby.