Smooch Studios is an unlikely musical wonderland tucked down a little alleyway off Albion St, just near Sydney Road, Brunswick, in a converted warehouse space.

Set up just over a year ago by prolific Melbourne musician and producer Josh Delaney, Smooch quickly acquired as b a dizzying array of gear and has gained a fast reputation for a budget priced studio with top end gear and production.
Working with one of Australia's best emerging producers and with some of the world's finest gear, in a relaxed and enjoyable setting for a reasonable price.

With a tight relationship with easily one of the country's best mastering studios next door - Jack The Bear Deluxe Mastering - Smooch Studios provides a tight chain of quality from the first chords of a song to the  mixed and mastered single, all possible within days down one alley in Brunswick.

The following bands have recorded at Smooch. 

· Andrei Eremin · BARO · Boats · Brightly · CHARLES MURDOCH · Drunk Mums · Dx Heaven · ESC · ESESE · Fantastic man · Fractures · FRANCESCA MOUNT FORT · Gnomes · Golden Girls · Gonzo · Hollow Everdaze · IO · King Puppy & the Carnivore · KLO · LIAHONA · Lucola Bang · Mary Goldsmiths · Northeast Party House · oscar lush · Peak Twins · RAT & CO · Raw Humps · Sam Hirschfelder ( Chet faker ) · Scott and Charlene's Wedding · Scott Drakula · SMILE · the Harpoons · Total Giovani · Twinsy · Yakini



In days of hyperbolic, poetic recording techniques, Josh's recording  philosophy is refreshing in its simplicity; let's just make good tunes

 " if something sounds good in a room, you should be able to make it sound even better in recording in mixing. That’s my job. To transfer a song from an idea to reality... Sound quality is all about the source for me, Your end product is only as good as every link in the chain. To provide a clean and accurate representation of sound from start to finish is my only goal.  Im here solely to provide the tools for your creativity"

A Macbook native and a trained musician Delaney is as at home sampling or sculpting effects on Ableton Live as he is on a Bass guitar or manning a reel to reel tape machine. Yet there is no dogma here, despite having some of the best digital and analog gear around, it's all about what sounds good.

"I think of myself is as an enabler. Smooch exists as budget studio only in the sense that i'm here to meet your recording budget. I see no point in overcharging for legendary gear which there is zero necessity for using. The analogue vs digital argument is dead to me. Music is music. Just create and explore"