Great Ourdoors

Great Outdoors' is the solo work of Melbourne musician Zachary Schneider. Whilst releasing albums with Free Time and Velcro in 2016, Schneider was hard at work recording with Lehmann B Smith, Full Ugly, Milk Teddy and touring internationally with Totally Mild. Even amidst this schedule, Schneider managed to sneak out Great Outdoors’ debut release, 'Dads Oasis’, to a warm local reception. 


Not even half a year since, Great Outdoors return with their sophomore release ‘Fake News’. 


Toward the end of 2016, Schneider met two new band mates, Dylan Young and Max Impact. They quickly replaced Schneider’s old band and now fill out the line up of this new incarnation of Great Outdoors. This meeting lead to a new pace and spark that resulted in what is truly a band effort on record. Young himself contributing two tracks to the album.


The albums creation was decidedly impulsive. Both Young and Impact shared Schneider's frustration when it came to making albums. That its is all too often a laboured, time consuming and expensive process. The album they were now making, only days after meeting, became an exercise in trusting instincts. Once a song was written, is was on the album. It had to be completed fast. Songs were arranged in an hour. 


On the 2nd of January, in the dreaded fog of post new years celebrations, the album was recorded in two days at Phaedra Studios. Under the masterful care of producer John Lee (Lost Animal), ‘Fake News' was mixed in just three days. What was achieved in these short stretches of time is nothing short of remarkable. A strong, live, stark record that stands eye to eye with you and delivers. 


On 'Fake News', Great Outdoors step out from behind the reverb and dreamy wash of past releases and deliver something truly honest. It’s vaguely political. It’s transitional. It looks towards the broader issues but reports back on them impressionistically. Like a young person gathering experiences and grappling with new concepts. Restless and frustrated. Much like how most of us feel in this current state of world affairs.


In the aforementioned spirt of impulse, the group could not abide the current wait for a label to release vinyl (generally a year minimum). It had to be shared now. It was made fast and accordingly, must be released fast. ‘Fake News’ comes to you on T-Shirt with digital download now through Smooch Records.