SHOUSE is a new collaborative project between Ed Service of IO and Jack Madin of The Harpoons.

SHOUSE makes weirdo house tracks with hooky melodies and club-intensity, while collaborating with as many singers and music-friends as possible.

The first two SHOUSE singles featured the incredible vocals of Mohini and Maia - each half of HABITS. Both singles feature the unique vocals of the individual artist, combined with the power of Ed Service’s hard hitting beats - all glued together by Jack Madin’s enthusiasm and ability to use FB messenger. And there are many more collabs in the works!

The SHOUSE live shows have featured an incredible spread of generous and angelic performers: HABITS, Pillow Pro, Marcus Whale from BV, Tony Barnao from IO, OKS, the Harpoons, Martin King, Leisure Suite, Daisy Catterall, Rachel Raggart, with many more to come.